The Questions You Are Allowed to Ask Me

So you read my blog and have maybe read my books (you should totally read my books because they are quite possibly the best works yet written and may be the best of all time except I am writing more which may in fact prove better…just saying) or you have been a student of mine or are a student of mine or you work with me in some capacity…or you just see me in Starbucks.

And you have questions.

Questions about what I want to drink or what I think of the weather. Those are totally allowed.

Questions about where I got my stuff, whatever stuff it may be. I’ll answer those.

Questions about my kids will always be rewarded with answers about the sheer awesomeness of those kids, perhaps the only higher praise given than those answers about my books, which are pretty stellar, but not quite so much as my children.

Questions about my relationships or sexuality are fair and I’ll answer those appropriately based on the situation. After all, there is a time and a place for everything.

Oh, you’re curious about my transiosity. The body stuff? The bathroom stuff? You’ve got questions because you saw some story somewhere or you think you know something or you don’t know anything…or you’re trans yourself.

And you just want to know and maybe I can tell you.

So ask. I’ll answer. I may even smile while I do. I may be snarky a little. But I will answer because I want you to know what you need to know and I don’t care much if you know I have a vagina. As a matter of fact, I paid a lot of money for it and given that I don’t have a chance to show it off much, I sometimes like to talk about it. It’s pretty cool, you know?

So yeah, ask me any old thing.

(you can even use the comments below to ask!)