Dancing With My Kids

Last night, my children, especially my daughter, were doing strange interpretive dances to Colin Hay singing acoustic Men At Work classics. This was, in and of itself, one of the most strange and entertaining and wonderful things I could ever imagine watching and I wondered if other parents are gifted with equally strange and wonderful children.

It’s something I don’t ask other parents because often when I talk about my kids, I feel like I’m one of those parents who spends all her time bragging about how special and wonderful her kids are. And, truly, my children are special and wonderful, incredibly smart and gifted and wildly weird. I know they are exceptional and so I try not to discuss how exceptional they are too often because I try not to be one of those parents too often.

But my kids are awesome and really free spirits who dance and sing with abandon and have very few limits placed on their imaginations or how they express themselves. I believe this has resulted in my daughter’s penchant for interpretive dance. I didn’t teach her to dance like that nor did anyone else I know of…it’s very weird.

Anyway, so they were dancing to Colin Hay, Who Can It Be Now…not a big dance hit. So I, being me, put on You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon because it was in my head and I thought they could have some fun dancing to it and they were and then, because I can, I got up and danced with them and didn’t care what a goofball I was because I was having the best time with my most wonderful children and all the crap going around in my head, just for that song, disappeared and I was as happy as I’ve ever been.

I don’t dance enough and I don’t express the joy of my life enough. I don’t stop thinking enough and just have fun with my family. But when I do and remember to let go and just laugh and be a goofball, it’s as good as it gets.