Pictures of Me

You know, I do not have enough pictures of myself to to a time-lapsing study of selfies. I have pictures of myself, but not enough to make a musical montage. Nor do I think I would want to really. ¬†Pictures make me look fat…or maybe the fat makes me look fat. I’m going to blame the camera, though.

But I do look at pictures of myself from time to time. We have a slideshow desktop on our computer at home and it cycles through our years of photographs and there are a greater number of pictures of me from the before time in the long long ago than photos of me now. I know I don’t look so much like I did before. Mostly the vanished facial hair and a bit of fat displacement…properly styled eyebrows perhaps. Changes in the body to be sure, so yes, difference.

Do I regret not being able to create a transition show out of it? Nah. I don’t need to prove to myself or others that my appearance is different now. It is. I also see no good purpose in broadcasting pictures from the before time in the long long ago. They have meaning for me and for my family as most pictures tend to do. But for others they are a curiosity…

I have no interest in being a curiosity beyond what I already experience at work. It divorces me from my humanity.