Outed by Bureaucratic Paperwork

So this is fun.

Years and years ago, in another life (with another name), I was employed by School District A. It was where I started and I taught there for a year. Good pay, great benefits, terrible bureaucracy. Like Brazil (I think they send info back and forth through their very imposing Ministry of Information using pneumatic tubes). For many reasons, my family left the city we were moving in and moved East to the very hot center of the Earthbound plane and remained there until a mere week and a half ago. It was there I taught for School District B, a smaller place to be sure, but who were kind enough to be very accommodating to my transition.

But we were unhappy in the very hot place and wanted to return West, to the Pacific, which they say has no memory. The best place for me to work would be once again with School District A and after a lot of hard waiting for people to send canisters through tubes up and down the chain of whatever, I was rehired. Now the Pacific may have no memory, but School District A’s computer system, archaic by any measure, has memory for days when it comes to old names that have supposedly been changed because while the name and gender has been changed at the central level, the change has not filtered down to the subsidiary levels (those darned canisters getting stuck in Sam Lowry’s office I suppose).

So I arrive at new school, ready to teach and the attendance lady goes to print my rosters because my computer access has not been granted which, really, is not that big a deal considering the computer guy cannot fund a computer to give me to enter grades on and take attendance on and, well, do his job. Said rosters come off the press and she gives me “that look” that comes with associating old name with new reality and rather than starting at new job without old history, I immediately know that I will once again be the out trans teacher on campus.


I would have been more okay with it if I had a say in it.