Words, words, words.

So contentious trans people are all up in arms about contentious trans words again.


Some time ago when I was dialed into trans, what I discovered first was that, as a “community” we are as divided as the many sects of Christianity and all certain we are right, even the very crazy fringes that may be made up of just three people who believe they are chosen to speak some manner of truth from on high. We are united by our divisiveness. It’s like high school.

And just like high school, people’s feelings get hurt and people hurt other people’s feelings and the popular kids tease the freaks and geeks, who hate the popular kids and casually deride them and-

You see where I’m going with this.

So you don’t like the contentious trans word. I couldn’t care less about it. I don’t use it because whatever. I don’t use a lot of pejoratives for the same reason. It’s much more fun to insult people for being idiots than for some element of their identity. You can’t help who you are. You are responsible for what you do.

And yes, some people use words as they commit deadly violence.

And some just commit deadly violence.

And, yes, some people will use contentious trans word and may even call me said thing to hurt me. They may also call me contentions female words and contentious Jewish words (or, shhh, contentious gay words) and if they commit violent acts on me I really won’t care either way what they were calling me because I’ll be getting hurt by the violence.

If you feel strongly about this, it’s your right and privilege to preach it. I’ll consider what you have to say either way. I generally think everyone is wrong, but I generally always think that about everything.

If you don’t care and are on the sidelines because this will blow over the way every contentious trans/lgb (but mostly trans because no one can insult trans people the way trans people can) infight blows over then you are probably with me eating popcorn and watching the show.