The Transgender Moment™ Being Shoved In Your Face

On one level, the very public acknowledgement that “We’re here! We’re Trans! Get used to it!” is a good thing. It has begun the important dialogue that has been and will continue to move our lives in a positive direction. The more people accept Trans as part of the fabric of the everyday, the more the cis population will come to accept us and, most importantly, more trans people who will be able to accept and love themselves and live authentic lives. A good thing.

But for fuck’s sake it brings out the stupid in a big way. For every organization that becomes trans inclusive, let’s say The Girl Scouts, who have opened junior sales positions in their awesome cookie business to trans girls, there is a group of headless chickens such as The Charisma News who worry that little cis girls will be exposed to little trans girls (they say “trans boys,” not understanding the difference, nor caring really) and, well, let me share the words of officially recognized hate group leader, Tim Wildmon:

This means girls in the organization will be forced to recognize and accept transgenderism as a normal lifestyle. Boys in skirts, boys in make-up and boys in tents will become a part of the program. This change will put young, innocent girls at risk.

The risk is undefined. It is RISK! Mostly in that it fosters a society that recognizes and accepts difference. But this is the history of the Girl Scouts, who from their inception were integrated and who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called, “a force for desegregation.” This is not a group likely to bend to the will of bigots and fear mongers who do not see difference as a cause for fear.

But we happy Trans represent Risk in the same way that teh Gay is Risk. Risk that their children might be one of us and see that as okay. Young people are too young to be able to make such determinations for themselves. Instead, they must be taught to make the alternate determination that we are dangerous to the fabric of society (perhaps because we need alterations made to the fabric so our clothes fit better?). They must be taught that our existence is shameful and inherently perverted because they are not too young to be taught that different is wrong and that if they feel different, they should hide that difference from everyone around them because that difference is inherently risky.

So the risk of backlash is that much greater because rather than not thinking about us at all, the fearful lovers of a bygone era where different people stayed out of sight and mind are now forced to read about us and watch stories about us on the TV and watch the Kardashians talk about us. Our existence is front and center on the stage and they are frightened because now anyone could be one of us and if we would just wear a sign or something so they would know we were in the bathroom with them then…I don’t know, they could pee elsewhere? They are more frightened that people they know might turn out to be us or their kids might turn out to be us, their daughter’s cookie selling partner might be one of us and then they will have to explain something to their kids about the world as it is and if they say we are okay, children’s minds will shatter…or something.

The Transgender Moment™ is not a bad thing, not one bit. But it will be a dangerous time of transition for the world because the old way never goes down without a fight.