Addressing Complaints About Dilating

Occasionally I read someone who complains about dilating – sees it as a chore, hates the mess of lubricant, finds it uncomfortable/painful or bemoans the lack of time spent doing it because it can be time consuming in the beginning. What, McGinn requires five times a day, right? Brassard only asked me for four at first.

And I wonder…

Were they not aware that they would have to dilate before their surgery?

Did they not read about it before hand?

Would they rather things were as they were before (given that they did not have to dilate before)? 

Because here’s the thing.  It hurts sometimes and it is messy sometimes and it is a chore sometimes and it has been inconvenient on occasion (I’ve maybe missed two dilations in the past year). This is all true.


I’m damned grateful I can do it.


2 thoughts on “Addressing Complaints About Dilating

  1. Anonymous says:

    And you have to do this thing forever?

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